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Our history

Marta's Cake appeared on January 1, 2012 as a New Year's resolution! 

I am not a pastry chef nor do I have any training in the kitchen, but I have always loved to cook. I'm not one to follow recipes or always do the same thing... I like to add ingredients and create! 

In 2011 I started taking a meringue cake to friends' dinner parties. Their presence began to be mandatory, orders from friends began to appear and at the end of the year I decided to make a Facebook page to publicize my cake and start accepting orders, now from strangers. In 2012 having a Facebook page as a business showcase did not have the dimension it has today and it was a real challenge and a great proof of success. Right from the start, the page had a great reach and orders kept coming in.

Cutting 33x33x9.5 cm-05.png

It was then that, in May of the same year, the need arose to open the first store at Ler Devagar, at the LX Factory.

Cutting 33x33x9.5 cm-05.png

For those who discovered us recently, maybe you don't quite understand how this project came about and how successful it was from the beginning. In 2012 being on Facebook (Instagram didn't exist yet) was very different from today and our strategy in Portugal was a pioneer and well recognized by the press. From the beginning, our communication was based on social networks, at the time on Facebook. 

In 2015 we entered El Corte Inglés in Lisbon, with a regular pop up store and every year we reinforce our presence. 


We have been at TimeOut Market since the beginning, at Nós é Mais Bolos, and until today it has been a successful partnership.

In April 2019 we opened our first store in Chiado, next to Largo do Carmo, with a new concept. In addition to the ordering system that we maintained, we now have cakes always available for take-away and delivery at Ubereats. 

Over the years I have created many flavours, formats, forms of presentation, we have participated in various events, we have been part of many weddings and we (my team and I) remain committed to always doing more and better and to be a reference in the pastry in the capital for many years. and good years!

The success of our brand is our customers who inspire and motivate us to always do more and better! We have customers since the beginning of the brand who choose us for many special dates and every day we receive new customers in our store who are surrendered to our sighs!


Cutting 33x33x9.5 cm-05.png

Our physical store is temporarily closed. You can order with home delivery.

Orders must be placed with 48 hours in advance.

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